LOW CUT CONNIE and Rock & Roll's Next Great Wild Man

Through the music community, I stumbled upon these Philly rockers years ago through their track Boozophilia - which later made its way onto President Obama's Summer Playlist. However, my Low Cut Connie fanhood became permanently cemented in appropriate fashion - South by Southwest 2017.

From the moment they step on stage, this bunch instantly injects a sense of familiarity into the crowd. Rowdy frontman Adam Weiner (lead vocals/keyboard) is a natural, whose moves range from tiptoe piano playing to crowd embracing to speaker cabinet climbing and everything in between. By the third song, the audience has already journeyed from an early-afternoon opening show to a late-night, sing-a-long performance at a sold out Juke Joint.

Low Cut Connie's unique concoction of 1950's boogie, rebellious punk, and classic blues riffs resembles a blend of early Stones and Jerry Lee Lewis - both on stage and in the studio. Weiner's raw, energetic vocals appropriately deliver the band's defiant and uplifting lyrics, pleading the crowd to "come on children, light it up" in the latest album's feature track, Revolution Rock n Roll. Released earlier this year, Dirty Pictures (Part 1) validates the band's elevation to the next level with karaoke-style Dirty Water and a fitting cover of Prince's Controversy. With a continuously growing tour schedule and imminent album release (Part 2), the band shows no sign of slowing down. Sign me up for the revolution.



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