Interview: A Road Trippin' Phone Call With Adam Weiner of LOW CUT CONNIE

Earlier this month, I was lucky enough to get front-man Adam Weiner on the phone in the middle of Low Cut Connie's 50+ city tour. Fresh off a sold-out show in Denver the night before, the band was Texas-bound for back-to-back shows in Austin and Houston.

MG: Hey Adam…I can barely hear you. Everything all good?

Pretty cool brotha. Yeah I’m in the van…we’re on the road somewhere in the middle of bumblefuck Colorado headed to Texas, so that’s probably why.

Sounds like music has taken you all over the place. How did it bring you here today?

I grew up in New Jersey right outside of Philadelphia. I’ve traveled a ton and lived in a lot of cities. I lived in Philly. I lived in New York City, Memphis, Montreal…and the whole time I was playing music and touring. Then we made that first Low Cut Connie album (Get Out the Lotion) in 2010 – and it was actually kind of an accident. There was no plan. It was a side project – and it took off.

Really? An accident? It all happened organically. We just wanted to make a pure rock and roll record. There was no other agenda than that. We did it in three days, and it was just an explosion of energy. There were no plans. Everything was on the first take, you know? Very simple.

How does that no-agenda-approach six years ago differ from the process of recording your latest album, Dirty Pictures Part I? Dirty Pictures was a whole other thing. We recorded the album at Ardent Studios in Memphis, Tennessee. We tracked for like 11 or 12 days. We played with a totally different lineup of the band than six years ago when we started. But it’s the most powerful lineup that we’ve ever had. We had been playing so many live shows, so we were clicking on all cylinders. Plus, we ended up making two albums instead of one.

What’s the timing on Part II? It’s going to come out in May 2018, after we play all the way through Winter.

Before the cell service cuts out again – what’s the secret to your stage presence? [Laughter]...I don’t know pal. I mean, the lights go on. The switch gets flipped...and stuff happens. I can’t really tell you beyond that. I just try to give the audience 110% of myself, and all of the guys in the band do that too. And that’s what we’re here to do.

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