& I'm Fine Today: SUSTO Covers it All in Their 2nd Album

Following a self-titled debut LP in 2014, SUSTO rocked the alternative scene with the release of their full-length album, & I’m Fine Today, in early 2017. The Charleston-based band effortlessly glides between indie rock and alt country in their sophomore album. Ranging from psychedelic and playful with “Mountain Top” to syncopated southern-twang in “Gay In The South,” & I’m Fine Today offers insight for every type of listener.

Despite the experimental diversity of sound, SUSTO still manages to stick to their roots, giving listeners what they fell in love with in 2014: poetic lyrics. In one of the slower tracks, “Diamond’s Icaro,” lead singer Justin Osborne sings, “I see your crying eyes turn to diamond skies/As my soul takes flight from a darkened mind.” Even though this album touches on themes of heartbreak and loneliness, SUSTO doesn’t forget to have fun. “I had a dream that we were doing hard drugs in a street alley” is the first line of the current single, “Hard Drugs.” This candid cantor can be found throughout the entirety of the album. SUSTO is no stranger to the introspective, narrative tune and it’s obvious with the exceptional storytelling in & I’m Fine Today.

These not-so-new kids on the block are quickly amassing a large fan-base from Wilco and My Morning Jacket’s most dedicated listeners. As a whole, the album is adventurous, bold, and inviting. Encapsulating the beauty and pain of life while simultaneously adding a humorous flair, SUSTO truly shows their personality. With inventive lyrics, experimental sounds, and seamless production, & I’m Fine Today is sure to propel SUSTO to their rightful spot on the charts.

Tracks to check out: Wasted Mind, Hard Drugs


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