"Morning Coffee" With Munich's Hottest Musician

The Blues have skipped their way across the pond and into music clubs all over Europe thanks to a man from Munich named Jesper Munk. Growing up in Germany on The Stones and The Beatles, with plenty of New Wave and classic Punk music mixed in, Munk has a classic Rock and Roll flair that creates a one of a kind sound in his home country.

I first discovered Munk during a late-night rabbit-hole trip through the obscure music side of YouTube. His song "Morning Coffee" caught my ear immediately as a ode to the old-style bluesmen, but with such a distinct tinge to it. A simple song that easily accompanies a rainy morning, "Morning Coffee" is sneakily catchy and impactful. Beware of its ability to tug at your heartstrings.

If electric-style blues is more your taste, don't fret, as Jesper has you covered there too. With tracks like "Courage For Love" and "Smalltalk Gentleman", Munk has no problems rocking out. With a sound that can be best described as a German version of The Black Keys, the American influence is clearly there. The fascination with classic Rock and Roll bands is palpable in "Timeless Throne"; you can practically see Jesper idolizing Keith Richards. The parallel to The Stones' sound is undeniable and quite clearly intentional.

Jesper Munk is currently touring the German circuit, building a reputation throughout Europe and around the world online. One can only hope he makes it across The Atlantic to The States, but until then, we can enjoy his music here:




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