Nashville’s SAFARI ROOM debuts new single, "Thoughtful Introspection"

They’re back! No stranger to the Deeper Dig, Safari Room has flourished since their official conception in 2018. These Belmont graduates have been hard at work touring, releasing a live session, and creating new music as they gain traction and broaden their fan base.

Their new single, “Thoughtful Introspection,” is officially out today on all streaming platforms.

This introspective tune (pun intended!) begins in signature Safari Room fashion: intimate and lyric-heavy. With lines like, “For too long I have lived in a cage of my own design / Now I see it clear, a life I can call mine,” lead vocalist Alec Koukol gives us a heartfelt testament to the woes rebuilding oneself after heartbreak. However, it's the end of the song with burgeoning vocals, backed by a transfixing guitar & drum riff, which launches Safari room into a new dimension, pivoting the band away from soft indie pop to dynamic rock. “Thoughtful Introspection” joins the movement in defying the typical verse/chorus/bridge formula, further proving that a song doesn’t need a specific structure to be great.

Safari Room recorded the song in Nashville with friend and local sound engineer, Don Bates. Coined as “the perfect way to capture the feeling of the song,” the band is featured in Bates’s series, “Around the House,” in which bands play through their set whilst organically being captured on film.

Catch the video here:

and see Safari Room on tour for the rest of June. We look forward to seeing what's next from these guys!


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