PINEGROVE Breaking Hearts and Taking Names Since 2012

Forming their first rock band in sixth grade, Evan Stephens Hall (vocals, guitar) and Zack Levine (vocals, drums) have been creating tunes together for over fifteen years. The Montclair, New Jersey natives continued to evolve throughout college and expanded their group, adding Sam Skinner (guitar), Adan Carlo Feliciano (bass), and Nandi Rose Pluckett (vocals, percussion, keyboard). Through poignant lyrics, the indie rock/alternative country band manages to touch on the universal tribulations of growing up: regrets, relationships and uncertainty, all while maintaining a breezy and youthful sound.

With intricate harmonies, scratchy vocals and rambling guitar solos, Pinegrove evokes a nostalgia for your younger days that you didn’t realize you had. “New Friends” and its spiritual counterpart, “Old Friends,” touch on the feelings surrounding relationships that are either over, or need attention. “Aphasia,” highlights the small victories that lie within speaking your mind and being able to express yourself. Pinegrove’s songs range from head-banging, scream-it-in-your-car types to slow, reflective ones that make you want to call your old high school love. All in all, the members of Pinegrove are quickly making a name for themselves and becoming the band you wish you could have hung out with when you were 17.

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